Product Photos for Roselei and Ivory

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This professional product photo gallery was created for Roselei and Ivory, a brand that offers curated wedding decor. They sent me wax seals in gold, silver and blush to photograph along with some styling pieces. I collaboratively added in my own styling pieces to compliment each composition. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Overall, I was going for clean, refined, and elegant while being timeless. Roselei and Ivory sent me some small acrylic blocks to use in order to create layers of varied heights. Can you see how they lift the stationary within the flatlays to create depth?

Also requested were the pure white isolated images of the envelopes and the wax seals for the amazon listing. The other styled images were for other displays like social media or additional image displays and ads.

I deeply enjoyed this product shoot because I had the opportunity to use different textures and tones to create a playful and well styled flatlay gallery. The simple and solid backgrounds used to show off the table cards compliment the rest of the gallery too.

Head over to the products page to learn more about professional product photo sessions and head to the contact page to inquire about a product photography session of your own! Comment below to let me know your thoughts on this gallery. Thanks for stopping by!


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