Charlotte Skyline Headshots for McMillan Pazdan Smith

Working with McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture’s team is always a pleasure. It’s also always a unique challenge shooting on their incredible rooftop patio for their Charlotte skyline views in the background. I’ve shot their team’s headshots in the heat, sun and humidity. I’ve also shot them in the brisk wind and amidst dark clouds overhead. For rooftop headshots, the challenge is two-fold:

Challenge 1. Keeping the gigantic scrim diffuser in place in the wind and/or creating any shadow with it at all at 12 noon.

Challenge 2. Editing the images for consistency in various weather conditions. ALSO editing the scrim and other equipment out of the shot entirely.

These images are all composites of multiple photos as a solution to those challenges. You’d never know it, right?

What I adore about group headshots is that I have the opportunity to meet a handful, a dozen, or even more new faces at a time. Every person that steps in front of my lens is an opportunity to make their day brighter, to instill more confidence in their appearance, and to give them an incredible headshot of course. But I also deeply enjoy the conversations we have while trying to bring out their best candid smile.

Interested in fresh rooftop headshots for you or your team? Head over to the contact page to get in touch or schedule a session online!

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