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Charlotte Product Photos
Charlotte Product Photos VUE by SEK Charlotte NC Photographer Carrie Allen Model Product Photos

Scroll-stopping photography

for small products made by small businesses

Better photos, better sales.

It’s no secret that online shopping has transformed the way people interact with products. Buying habits are becoming more and more linked to the quality of the images. The wrong photos could convince clients that your brand lacks professionalism, but the right photos will elevate your client’s perceived value of your brand. Consistently stunning photos can be that missing link between your business today, and your thriving business ahead of you. 

She’s the type of person you can give a lot of creative latitude to and just know she’ll always come up with shots that are beautiful, sleek, and worth every penny. You give her enough detailed info to start, and she can handle the rest without having to be micromanaged (and this is coming from a control freak).

– Katrina Sellers, Jules & Vetiver

How this works

From booking to gallery
1. Booking

Booking will include communication about what you need, a formal proposal, and any questions you have. You can sign the agreement and pay your invoice online.

2. Send Products

The majority of my product photography clients will send their products to me by mail to be shot at my home for scheduling and setup flexibility.​

3. Photoshoot

I'll take care of everything in order to create a gallery you'll love, based on the specific needs we'll have discussed in the booking process.

4. Proofing & Delivery

Between 1-2 weeks following the session, I'll send an online gallery for you to select and purchase your favorites from. Images will be provided with commercial use license and web or full resolution download options.

Product Photography Pricing

Product photography can range from small projects to complex productions. Due to the amount of variables at play, I have a tailored production fee to reflect the amount of coordination and prep work involved. Price is determined by number of products, props, location, whether models or hand models will be necessary, and the number of setups.

Charlotte Product Photos VUE by SEK Charlotte NC Photographer Carrie Allen Model Product Photos

Step 1: Production Fee

The production fee is the only fee due at the time of booking. It does not include any images. The production fee is cumulative based on the following:

$10 per product photographed
$50 per setup (lighting and setting combination)
$50 per hand model
$100 per model used PLUS any model or agency fees (you will pay them directly)
$200 per location*

*By default, I shoot all products out of my home studio without the client present. If the client prefers to be present on location, the location fee is applied.

Product photos for Copper Cul De Sac by Charlotte North Carolina Photographer Carrie Allen Studio Brand Photos

Step 2: Image Fee

Images are purchased from an online gallery for $35 each