Product Photos for Storied Scents Candles

Charlotte Product Photos Storied Scents Charlotte Brand Photographer Carrie Allen

As a photographer in Charlotte, I use several different studios to photograph products. This product gallery for Storied Scents Candles is created from two sessions. The first is the styled flat lay focused shoot, where the styling pieces are the actual ingredients from the candle notes. These pieces are artfully arranged to draw focus to the candle, but give the overall impression of the scent.

Also a part of this first session were the minimalist, bright and airy lifestyle images. For those, I showed the actual lit candles in a home environment beside a dreamily diffused window with sheer drapes. For extra layering height, I used a simple wooden soap dish (turned upside down)!

In the second session included in this gallery, I styled Storied Scents’ holiday edition candles. Firstly, I styled them in the same flatly style as the non seasonal scents. I found it challenging to actually find real samples of each of the types of winter greenery from the scent notes, but it was rewarding nonetheless.

Finally, I styled the holiday edition candles with Christmas ornaments, and on-brand white minimal textures and backgrounds. For another pop of texture and interest, I added in a thrifted dish towel with a winter plaid pattern that complimented the set with stark contrast to the white elements. I also used some real wood pieces that you might recognize from the product photos I created for Village Chocolate Co. in the past.

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