Lifestyle Photography for ZERO Cancer

Charlotte Lifestyle Photographer Family Photos by Carrie Allen for ZERO Cancer

Charlotte Family Photography Session for prostate cancer survivor, Jeffrey Wilde and 3 year old son, Deacon.

I had the incredible honor of shooting Jeffrey and his son in their home in Charlotte. It is always a great professional photography session when we kick it off by playing with toys in Deacon’s room! We also took portraits of Jeff in his living room and followed up with trip to Freedom Park.

Jeff and his son welcomed me into their home and I was immediately recruited as a playmate. Deacon showed me all of his favorite toys in his room. As a mother of a 4 year old boy myself, I felt totally at home right away.

Afterwards, I grabbed my camera and Jeff joined Deacon on the floor to play with their toys. It was important that I let Deacon warm up to me. This was also a great opportunity to capture meaningful moments between father and son.

ZERO Cancer describes Jeffery Wilde as “a husband, father, grandfather, and prostate cancer survivor. His life has always beens filled with adventures from marathons, cycling and climbing. His adventures nowadays are alongside his 3-year old son Deacon. Now cancer-free, Jeff is determined to inform other men of their risk of prostate cancer and is raising his voice with ZERO to end this disease.”

We then packed up Deacon’s scooter and headed to Freedom Park in Charlotte for a walk. During our time at the park, Jeff told more about his journey overcoming Prostate Cancer and how he connected with ZERO to help others in a similar situation in any way he can.

“In the new year, I want to work with ZERO to help achieve some goals related to fighting this awful disease: We need more men to know about this disease. We need more research into a cure for prostate cancer. We need men talking to men about prostate cancer and men’s health issues.

Most of all, we need to end this disease so that other men never have to go through what I went through, and so that husbands and sons can have their life remain intact.”

Jeffrey Wilde in his interview with ZERO Cancer

Doing the professional photography for this session was truly an honor! Read the full article on Jeff for more about his story, and a video interview.

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