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Branding Imagery for Carolinas Natural Health in Matthews

This branding photography session was for the natural wellness doctors and the staff at Carolinas Natural Health Center. The objective: to give their website a facelift! Since the session, they have been able to transform their website into a gorgeous, modern and well-branded website. Check it out at the link in the last paragraph of this post!

Their team headshots were a breeze since they knew just what they wanted going into the brand story session.

We took both horizontal and verticals of each team member, and the background wall was changed in post to a cohesive matte color to match their branding.

There is definitely a balance between privacy and having your team members present for support. I am intentional to have someone behind me from the team helping my client I’m photographing to get a genuine smile.

I always make sure to grab a variety of images around the business that show what the facility looks like, if applicable. These are often used in marketing materials and websites.

At the same time, I’m alert and ready to capture any candid moments between staff or client interactions.

Some of my favorite photos are ones taken with natural light, like these window lit massage therapy photos and the group images that were shot outside. The variety of images captured in a brand session allows flexibility for the client!

I enjoyed working with this team and have loved watching their website blossom into the beauty it is today! See their website, branded by Brackenhouse Branding Co.

Ready to get your own branding photography session on the books? Let’s do this! Booking is easy, just drop me a line on my contact page and you’ll hear from me very soon for the next steps. The process is simple, I’ve got you!

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