Headshots for Joe

Charlotte Professional Headshots in Oakdale Greenhouses LLC

Professional Headshots on location at Oakdale Greenhouses

Joe reached out for new headshots that would stand out among a sea of traditional headshots. I instantly connected on that. Creating out of the ordinary professional Charlotte headshots makes my heart sing in a way that traditional portraits just don’t. I absolutely LOVE shooting everything from classic to quirky. However, the more creative freedom I have, the more it feeds my soul.

He specifically requested nature and greenery (as opposed to anything to urban or studio-like). As much as I love greenery in my portraiture, it was a total challenge given that winter was setting in and everything I’d typically use was barren and brown. So what to do for a December green headshot session in Charlotte?

I visited a few places during my location scouting for Joe. The final photo location I landed on was a greenhouse. Actually, they are a collection of greenhouses that I had noticed for some time popping up in my IG feed. When I went to Oakdale Greenhouses to speak with them, I was shocked to hear that photographers regularly used and abused their business. They were bringing clients unannounced and disrupting or damaging their space. Not only was I appalled to hear about my industry peers, I was inspired to gift them some images taken for them to use across their platforms. They so graciously welcomed me in, but I strongly urge anyone considering using their business as a backdrop to obtain permission BEFORE arriving and to respect their business and any rules they have.

Here are some highlights from the session:

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