Group Headshots for Biltmore Family Office

Want to know what I love most about group professional headshots sessions? Read through to the end for my answer!

Recently I’ve been traveling for clients up to a few hours away. This shoot took me all the way to Aiken, SC from Charlotte. I enjoy spending the time driving to listen to podcasts and audiobooks, and I love the change of scenery. For this professional group headshot session, I was tasked with authentic, approachable, outdoor headshots and group portraits for the entire Biltmore Family Office team.

The team is made of two locations: a Charlotte team and a Florida team. I was sure to group together smaller teams, partners, and locations separately. However, that large group shot is a must!

For the individual headshots, they wanted a cohesive set of photos. The challenge was avoiding a cut and paste background look by varying the scenery a little for each team member. One of the ways I was able to accomplish a cohesive look was with lighting. To light these, I used a mix of ambient natural daylight and external flash in a soft box. Additionally, I used a reflector for my signature clamshell look that flatters everyone!

Among the many reasons I adore shooting group headshots is that I have the opportunity to make a positive impact in so many people’s day. Everyone who comes in front of my lens has their own unique story, vulnerabilities and insecurities. Despite the fast pace of a group session, I pride myself on making each person comfortable. I strive to capture a genuine smile from everyone!

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