Professional Headshots in Charlotte PLUS Tips for your Headshot Session

Professional Headshots in Charlotte

I had the best time working with Brandi for her professional headshots in Charlotte. After shooting outdoor, we ducked out of the cold weather in my cozy NoDa studio, and achieved so many different looks for her gallery. A major reason for the amount of variety in her session was that she came prepared. How can you prepare for your headshot session so it runs as smoothly as possible? Let me explain:
1. Bring a lot of outfit options. Bring a big bag or suitcase, and fill it with all the possibilities you can’t narrow down yourself. I’ll be happy to help you on the day of your session.
2. Bring clean, ironed, wrinkle free clothing. A great way to ensure your clothes photograph well is to buy an outfit especially for the occasion. Have it dry cleaned, ironed, or whatever is necessary to have it ready. Do avoid pilled or lint-filled clothing at all costs.
3. Wear your makeup as natural as possible. I’m not suggesting you come in sans makeup unless you feel confident that way on a day to day basis. But natural barely-there LOOKS are the best for a timeless and genuine headshot.
4. Wear your hair in a face-framing style if it has the length to do so. For women, hair can be a fantastic accessory with the right style.
5. Come dressed in your first outfit if you can. That way we can get started right away and ensure we have more shooting time together at our session.
As a mental health professional, Brandi asked me to help her create a headshot as warm and inviting as she is. And I am confident that’s exactly what we were able to do. In short, if you’re looking for photos that convey both professionalism AND personality, I know that we will be a great fit. Click here to send me a message and schedule your headshot session today!

Click here to send me a message and schedule your headshot session today!


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