Product Photos for Thank You Ricky Apparel

When it comes to Charlotte product photos, few things matter as much as color accuracy. This is because consumers expect that what they see is what they get—and they count on it. If colors aren’t as precise as possible across marketing, the brand risks a hit to their reputation as being a trustworthy business. That means customers likely won’t buy from them again.

With a gray product, you might think color accuracy is a given without much effort. However, a weathered gray product is made up of a spectrum of colors with warm and/or cool tones, and the accents on the product are a specific hue as well.

So how do I ensure an accurate set of images with regards to a product’s color?

Firstly, I shoot the product with a temperature consistent, controlled light source. The lights I use are around 5600K. Also, I don’t fluctuate in color or power over the course of a product session. For comparison, if I were to shoot these with natural light, a slight difference in time of day or even a passing cloud will dramatically shift the white balance, exposure, and even the quality of the shadows in the photos.

Of course, color accuracy isn’t the only detail to obsess over with respect to product photos like these. There is also styling the products, composition, the way the apparel is folded, the background, sharpness, and appeal to consumers to consider.

I deeply enjoy my work for Thank You Ricky’s first apparel line, and the line left a great impression with the quality of the clothing.

Thanks for taking a look at this gallery! Looking for a charlotte photographer for your product photos? Interested in your own session? I would be honored to work with you. Booking is easy—just head over to the contact page to get yours scheduled.

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