Charlotte Group Headshots – Professional Business Portraits For The Whole Team

Professional group headshots don’t need to be stuffy, unnatural, or boring. Corporate headshots and executive portraits can be fresh, vibrant, and magazine worthy. The photos above are just a few from a small Charlotte group headshots session on location outside of the office of the Deephaven Mortgage team in Corporate Ballantyne. 

Whole group outdoor shot during professional headshot session

Any Group Size

Whether you need headshots for 2 people, or a team of 200, I would love to work with you.


Have the best of both worlds when you need quality AND convenience. I’ll bring my professional studio equipment to your location.

Charlotte Headshot and Brand Photos by Carrie Allen in North Carolina candid collaborative professional photography

Tailored To You

With my headshot design guide at booking, I make it easy to communicate your expectations and goals for your headshots.

In the photos above for the McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture team, I captured their headshots on their rooftop deck overlooking the Charlotte Skyline. The phots were taken at drastically different times of the day and year, but the results are cohesive photos that show the personality of each team member in an authentic way. Their headshots appear on internal documents in their company, and they spark conversations among members of the company at other locations. 

It’s a big deal to organize headshots for your whole team. You might be extra cautious if your office has had a less than great experience with a photographer in the past. Here are some top concerns that my clients have raised based on previous experiences with other photographers:

Other Photographers

✗ Lack of communication
✗ Inconsistent results
✗ Poor posing directions
✗ Inefficient with time
✗ Stuffy looking photos
✗ Not able to deliver as promised
✗ Hidden fees / confusing pricing

My Client Experience

✓  Headshot design guide
✓ Collaborative planning
✓ Consistent photos every session
✓ Expert posing directions
✓ Organized and efficient process
✓ Personality-infused headshots
✓ Transparent and predictable pricing
✓ Expert retouching always included
✓ Team members select their favorites
✓ Convenient online delivery
✓ Unlimited revisions for editing

In the gallery above, my clients were a team of attorneys looking for fresh headshots that compliment one another without looking the same (Gardner Skelton in Charlotte). All the photos were taken at their business location, and a variety of options were provided to each team member. Ultimately, they were thrilled with their headshots!

The headshots for this team at Clear Blue Insurance were taken to be cohesive, and to show an approachable, friendly and warm vibe for each team member. They opted to shoot a close crop with a common area window behind them for a blurry environmental background. 

These photos for HSSM were taken to match the look of previous images taken by another photographer. I was able to use the exact same background, and then to use a digital version of that same background for images moving forward. Not only did the digital backdrop approach make it more time efficient to setup on location, but it also made it even more consistent for the results! Now I come back to this team’s office regularly to capture new team members in the same way. 

The Burrow and Welchel Orthodontist team went with a timeless and bright white background for their group headshots AND team photos. 

The Bottom Line

Over my 7 years in business, I’ve been trusted by professional businesses in a wide variety of industries for their Charlotte group headshots. Attorneys, mental health professionals, dentists, orthodontists, tech support teams, financial advisors, commercial architects, residential architects, realtors, interior designers, and SO much more. I’m proficient at what I do, and I prioritize my client experience above all. My clients have been returning to me for years to update their headshots as their team grows, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I hope to capture your team next! 

To learn more and see a few more client galleries, head over to my headshots page. To begin the easy online booking process, head directly to the headshots booking page

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