Group Headshots for Hickmon & Perrin

Charlotte Group Headshots

I often photograph headshots for small teams, but I love when the  teams I’m photographing are this small. The five-member team welcomed me into their Charlotte office, where we did our group headshot photography session on location.  In just about an hour and a half I captured two different set of images. For the first set of images, I used a plain blue wall in their office and backed up all the way against the opposite wall–still using my usual 85mm lens despite the small space. I love the look of an 85mm lens and the way it steers clear of the distortion you’d see otherwise with a 50mm or 35mm lens.

They specifically wanted these images shot to be cut out and used on their website for a cool stacked composite group image. So I delivered proofs on these white backgrounds, and gave them the same images with transparency to put anywhere in their designs. It definitely helps to know how and where and why there photos I’m taking will be displayed!

The next headshot setup was a little more of my usual. We used an even smaller office room with a large glass window in the background. Very often my clients are requesting the type of shot seen below; gorgeous bokeh made from light coming through trees. I used that natural splash of window light behind them and my own studio lighting in front for soft lighting. I love how they turned out!

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