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As a Charlotte Headshot Photographer, I was thrilled when Jay contacted me about headshots for his team of realtors in Ballantyne, but I was even more thrilled to learn that he was able to reserve a model home for our session. I try my best to pick locations for my clients that will be versatile enough for a 2, 3, or 4 location look in the gallery. But y’all (I know, I’ve only been back in North Carolina for like five minutes and I’m already saying y’all). This home was out of this world gorgeous! It was the St Marks Model Home by John Wieland Homes, located at the Gates of Ansley in Waxhaw.

To put into perspective how mesmerizing this model home was: I typically spend 15 to 30 minutes scouting a location for the first time. That means walking around a new park, taking test shots during the time of day a shoot would happen, and just getting a feel for the layout of the area before I bring a client. I scouted this model home, RUSHING, and it took me 45 minutes. To be fair, I really couldn’t help myself taking photos of some of the architecture. There is just something about a white and gray home design with afternoon sun streaming in the windows.

But that’s enough about the model home. The realty team that I shot was absolutely amazing. Not only were they stunningly photogenic, they were charming, sweet, and kind individuals. I am so glad to have met them all, and I look forward to hopefully updating their headshots or working with them in some way in the future. I was worried that with just 10 to 15 minutes per person, I wouldn’t be able to build a rapport or make them comfortable. But that worry turned to relief with their warm personalities. It is no wonder they are such a highly regarded realty group in the Charlotte Ballantyne area.

Lastly, I loved that Jay sought me out for his team headshots based on my unique photography style. His own background and interest in photography makes that the ultimate compliment–that the amount I commit to making clients comfortable and capturing authentic personalities is recognized. There are truly so many incredibly talented Charlotte headshot photographers, so I can’t thank him enough for deciding to give me this opportunity.

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