Attorney Headshots in Uptown Charlotte

Group Headshots for Bell Davis Pitt

The Bell Davis Pitt law firm needed updated professional headshots for a few of their team members. I knew I was the right one for the job when they requested natural, relaxed poses and blurred background.  A goal I always strive for is to make the most of any location and I treat working on-location at businesses no differently. I turned their one location into three, for three distinctly different setups and overall looks. However, all three looks were exactly what they asked for: relaxed and comfortable posed professional headshot for each team member with that  creamy blurred background. Photographers call that bokeh.

The Bell Davis Pitt website is set up so that headshots are almost square in their display ratio on the main attorney page. But after clicking through to the individual attorney profiles, a larger and ultra-wide aspect ratio headshot appears as a banner of the page. So I shot a panoramic headshot by combining headshots and peripheral images to create a high definition banner without pixel loss from cropping. The attorneys were very happy with the headshots.

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