Ari + Joel Engagement Photos

Yes! It’s true I specialize in commercial photography—headshots, brand photography, product photography, etc.—I do take on lifestyle photo sessions as a professional photographer in Charlotte, NC! If you’re in the Charlotte area, I can help you with family photos, senior portraits, maternity, or engagement photography.

The following engagement session gallery happens to feature my dear friend and fellow photographer, Ariel Perry and her (now husband) Joel. It’s always an honor shooting an incredible photographer like Ariel. So we did it right and picked the perfect time and location.

These photos from Fisher Farm Park in Davidson, North Carolina are during golden hour. I’m sure we could’ve made magic happen at any time of day, but golden hour just hits different. Dreamy backlighting, warm light through the trees and grass, and stunningly diffuse and flattering light. If you’re considering a lifestyle session (anything for personal use/non-commercial), I highly recommend a golden hour session!

Lastly, it’s important to note that their outfits played a role in how well their gallery turned out. They coordinated with a similar color palette and clothing style. They also kept their session location in mind and pulled colors that vibe with the natural environment.

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