Carolina Skies – 100 Sky Overlays

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This Collection of 100 North Carolina Skies has been beautifully processed with versatility in mind. Featuring cloudy, blue, stormy, sunset, calm, and dramatic sky overlays.



This product at a glance:

  • High Resolution JPEGs / 300 dpi / 6000 x 4000
  • Combination of vertical and horizontal orientations
  • Full dynamic range and realistic white balance
  • 22 Blue Skies
  • 39 Sunset / Twilight Skies
  • 39 Stormy / Cloudy Skies
Carolina Skies 100 Sky Overlays by Carrie Allen
These Sky Overlays are high quality JPEG files that have been tastefully processed to retain as much workable detail as possible while still being ready to use. Each sky overlay has a true to life coloring with a full dynamic range of tone and color. Most importantly, the pack is versatile enough to be the only Sky Overlays you’ll ever need. The Collection comes with bright blue skies, stormy skies, dynamic overcast, peaceful sunsets, and dramatic skies. I’ve also included a range of both horizontal and vertical skies in every category so that you can have the option to use these on your vertical images and horizontal images in the same gallery without simply stretching one sky from one orientation to the next. You can use these skies with any program where layers are possible, such as any version of Adobe Photoshop.

Check out these sky transformations:

Original photo courtesy of Kelli Hiser

Original photo courtesy of Nicole Thorington Photography

  1. Kira Kridler says:

    Carrie products are amazing! It’s always a struggle to find good instructional videos on new photoshop techniques and I was thrilled with how easy, fun, and clear Carrie’s video was to utilize her product to the fullest. There are SO many options for skies in her set I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to use them all – but I’m going to try! Thank you so much Carrie for creating this set!

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