Frequency Separation Action

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Frequency separation is a buzz word among photographers, and is known to be an intimidating topic for many. This action makes frequency separation truly user-friendly, so photographers and retouchers at any experience level can benefit immediately. You can see this action at work in my quick tutorial, and easily download and start loving your copy today. I have to warn you, this WILL change your workflow in a BIG way.

There isn’t an easier way to improve your portrait retouching results AND save time in the process than this highly affordable action for PS.


The Frequency Separation Action is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC, creating a fully functional set of frequency layers to simplify and streamline your retouching workflow. This action creates an easily accessible split between the low frequency blur and the high frequency texture of your image in photoshop, and groups them for your convenience. Finally, it automatically toggles your brush to the mixer brush with the low frequency layer selected, so you’re ready to brush away blemishes and uneven tones beneath the pores.


Download the .zip file and save it to your desktop or actions folder. Double click the zip folder and open your action to load it into Photoshop. You’re ready to retouch with frequency separation!

In the video below, I demonstrate how I use the action to smooth skin with the mixer brush on the blur/low frequency layer, and then finish the retouch by using the clone tool on the texture/high frequency layer. Flatten the layers when you’re done to save or continue editing!

  1. Ana San says:

    I never miss any offer from your site so I will buy again this wonderful offer. Im a photographer and you can imagine the photographers need

  2. Bray05_zay12 says:

    GOLD! i never used fs prior to this action, because honestly fs was a little intimidating to me…and then i found myself in a pickle and i swear this action saved my butt! Its so easy to use and completely natural looking! I reccomend this to every editor and photographer i know! Worth every penny! (I personally thinks its so amazing, she should charge more!) 13 bucks is a STEEEEEAAAL!!!

  3. Jennifer James | Supernova Boudoir says:

    I run a boudoir business and would be lost without this action. I recommend it to everyone and I can’t believe I haven’t reviewed it before now (whoops!). It makes editing skin seamless and easy, and makes my subject’s skin look natural and as flawless as I want it to be without going overboard. I would recommend this to everyone and anyone who is serious about good skin editing and while wanting to keep great workflow.

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