Little Villa Small Business Matchmaking Event 2

The Little Villa is a cozy, gorgeous, and made-with-love little spot in Charlotte, NC. I’ve had the absolute honor of working with the owners–Laura and AndrĂ©s–since they were under construction in 2021. Sadly, they’ve just announced that they’ll be closing TLV at the end of April, 2023. And while I can confidently say I have no regrets about my partnership with them over the course of their run since they opened doors, I still wish we had more time.

Looking back, I wanted to share photos from The Little Villa Matchmaking Event. I believe this one in particular was during Fall 2022, so I’ll have to share the more recent one here as well.

While this was technically an “event”, it’s a fabulous fit for my blog’s “Brand Stories” category, since I had the opportunity to shoot a huge variety of headshots, action photos, candids, and environmental and detail shots–much the same as any brand story session!

Interested in learning more about the Brand Story Session options? Head over to the Brand Story page for all the details!

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