Cool Springs Fire Department

“Gritty and Compelling?”

When a company called Big Ass Fans contacted me to shoot photos of their fans, the firemen who use them, and usual day-to-day situations at the Cool Springs Fire Dept.  That was already one of the coolest brand story photography I’ve been asked to shoot. But the job got SO much cooler when I was sent photos of the newly built firehouse and inspiration photos for the portraits I would take of the firemen. The inspiration photos I was sent ranged from side-lit cool toned portraits to 3-light setups with smoke and fire and everything else. I was given creative license to make what I wanted, so long as it was “gritty and compelling”. So I went all out and rush ordered a pack of canned aerosol and got to planning.

Here is the inspired shot I accomplished:



And here are some of the highlights of my photoshoot around the fire department. I aimed to capture a bit of their story, their friendships, and their dedication to what they do. But I also really got lost in all those stunning details that one rarely sees up close. This was a photoshoot to remember and I am in love with how these came out!


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