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Actor Headshots for Jazlyn

I really enjoyed working with Jazlyn for her updated actor headshots in Charlotte, NC recently! Here are the final images from her studio session.

Jazlyn came with an open mind, and a very simple request: closeup actress headshots with a solid color background. I shot her with both colored and neutral backgrounds, and natural and artificial lighting.

My personal favorite is the one where I had her pull her hair back, and we shot with the natural light against a white v-flat in the open balcony doorway of the studio.

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  1. Marisa Becht says:

    Hello. I am interested in getting my actor headshots updated! I was wondering if you have any availability? I am looking for a shoot that can show my range as an actress. I was wondering if you only shoot in studio or if you can shoot on location as well? What are your rates for a shoot?

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