Brand Story for Vistage Chair

In this Charlotte branding story session for Vistage Chair, I captured the collaboration and peer support among this incredible group of executives. Their meeting was a real meeting. The moments captured are candid and authentic. We shot in their Charlotte meeting location near uptown. Vistage is “the world’s largest executive coaching organization.”

According to their website, here is the purpose of the organization:

“It’s still a human world where integrity, experience and relationships matter. We’re here to connect the most successful CEOs of small and midsize businesses so — together — we can share expertise, challenge one another to think critically and arrive at better decisions. Through this ongoing collaboration, we build lifelong leadership excellence that elevates companies, strengthens communities, delivers meaningful results and fosters sustainable growth.”

Here are some of the highlights from our session!

If you’re looking for more information on these Charlotte branding and brand story sessions, check out this page to learn more: Brand Stories

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