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Branding Photography Small Business Photos ReVision Charlotte Carrie Allen

Branding Imagery for Revision Design/Remodeling in Charlotte, NC

This brand photos session in Charlotte was for the house renovations company, Revision. We captured photos for their new website design, with headshots, details, shots around the office, and team photos.

For their team headshots, we used a combination of flash and natural light as we shot against their design office vignettes (showcases), which had great diffused natural light.

The vignettes were used as a way to add some well-branded variety to the headshots to keep them looking unique, fresh, and still cohesive as a team.

I was sure to capture staged lifestyle branding images that show realistic collaborative scenarios, like how the team works together on a client project AND how the team works face to face with their clients in the Charlotte office to make their design ideas come to life.

The different swatches were key elements to this gallery in particular. Notice how the various textures, colors and patterns on the textiles and swatches add a great dimension. They demonstrate the kind of brand that ReVision is at the same time. These images will no doubt be a source of marketing inspiration for the brand across their platforms.

Lastly, I incorporated some intentional flatlays to show off the swatch and textile details. These flatlays were the result of the inspiration board sent over in the planning process from this client. They can use these in so many ways in their marketing.

I loved working with ReVision for their rebrand and the launch of their new website!

Ready to get your own brand photos session in Charlotte? Let’s do this! Booking is so easy, just head over to my contact page. You’ll hear from me very soon for the next steps. The process is simple, I’ve got you!

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