Brand Story for Ekos

Branding Imagery for Charlotte based company, Ekos

This branding photo session for Ekos was so packed with headshots, details, interactions, group shots, candid images, and dogs. It was definitely the first of it’s kind. Anyone who sees these images should know immediately that working for this company is never boring. And I love that!

First I started with the headshots for 30 human team members and one pup team member, who’s name is Stout by the way!

After headshots, we moved outside for the group headshot in front of their building. They take up the bottom of the Cedar Hill building in Charlotte.

There a few major aspects I consider when setting up a group headshot of this size. First, how much room do I have to move back? For this shot, I was able to walk well into the parking lot in front of the building, so I opted for my 85mm lens. Typically there is less room for a portrait this size, so I would normally use my 35mm for group portraits. But personally, I prefer the look and feel of the 85 any day for group headshots if I can pull it off.

The next thing to consider was getting them all in view and positioning people so no person is blocking another. Ideally, we’ll have everyone’s head visible with the same amount of room from one person to the next. Stairs are perfect for getting everyone in view.

Then take about 15 photos and yell things at the crowd to make them laugh, smile, or open their eyes and look my way. Lots of yelling and noises when dogs are involved.

Finally, we got into the elements of brand story sessions that really showcase the flavor and vibes of the business. Interactions, details of the workplace, and other images that can be used as stock imagery for everything. From online ads, to business cards, to flyers, to instagram and facebook material, we got it all.

I look for awards, art pieces, branded material and other displays. Beautiful rooms and views around the office, interesting architecture, and desk details can make great photos in sessions like this! Some candid photos I look for are what it looks like when the team members are having meetings, talking on the phone, entering things into their computer, and on and on. This is when my creative brain is in it’s element and it’s what makes brand story sessions so incredible for producing marketing materials.

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