for creative
small businesses
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Brand videography services are extremely tailored, and thus fueled by a shared interest in showing the brand’s story through video footage. For me, the personalized and highly involved nature of video work means that I take on a limited scope of projects, primarily in the creative field with solopreneurs or very small teams

Why you need a brand video

Brand videos are a way to show up “in person” in your online marketing, and they absolutely make a difference in the way your audience connects with your business, your personality or your team’s personality, and the services or products you offer. 

Videos increase engagement and visibility online and work well for landing pages, website banners, advertisements across platforms, and content for social media. Videos are favored by social media and search platforms in 2021, so they are incredibly powerful tools to reach a new audience and to connect with your existing audience. 

Finally, video can be a highly effective tool to increase sales and conversions. A potential customer on the fence about buying from you will be able to experience your brand in a personal way. And that makes all the difference. 

How to inquire about your own brand video

At this time, I am only working with small teams and solopreneurs in creative fields of work (ex. bakers, chefs, photographers, artists, writers, jewelry makers, etc.) 

Please reach out directly via my contact form to inquire about video for your creative business.